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Transform yourself with the Essences of Egypt

Transform your life with the ancient and powerful essences and tools of Egypt. We have what you need from aromatherapy, flower remedies, and tools for ritual—combining ancient traditions with powerful wisdom guiding you on your journey.

Transforming the mundane into marvelous

The Essences of Egypt offers an extensive range of products that all can use - from flower remedies to essential oils- they're made for you. They'll help you make rituals not only memorable but also transformative.

The Universal Dancer Podcast

Journey with us to explore sacred dance, the sacred arts, the mystical, and the magical.

Egyptian wisdom for today's world

The Essences of Egypt provide you with access to the ancient land of alchemy and sacred arts while staying true to the wisdom and knowledge that this rich culture offers. Learn more in our school, The Universal Dancer Temple of the Sacred Arts.

Ancient Wisdom

Temple of the Sacred Arts

Sacred Dance, Ceremony, and More...

Flower Wisdom

The Al-chemia Remedies

From Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites

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